Cre8tion Acrylic Wall Mounted Rack "Color Powder", 72 jars, 1oz, (Packing: 6pcs/case) 10167 OK0401VD

SKU O10167

Packing : 6 pcs/case.

Weight: 30.0lbs

- Standard size jar as SNS, Gelish, Entity, Glam & Glit, Light Elegant will fit to Old Version Rack.

- Extra 1oz size jars as Kiara Sky, SNS new jar, Airtouch will fit to New Version Rack.

To ensure product quality and protection, All Acrylic furniture must either be shipped on pallet orders or picked up at our warehouse location. Contact us atåÊ(714)468-7888 or email: Apologize for any inconveniences.åÊ