Chisel 2oz 2in1 POWDER 000 - SKU 63992

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SKU 63992

Chisel 2 in 1 Acrylic & Dipping Powder lets create bright and Chisel colorful stamped nail designs. Use with Chisel Nail Art 3D Stamps to cut special shapes and unique designs into uncured dipping powder.

  • First, Chisel Base Coat to nail bed to give the Chisel Dipping Powder a strong foundation
  • Then, apply Chisel Dipping Powder using a manicure brush or by dipping fingers directly into the Chisel Dipping Powder
  • Next, use a Chisel Nail Art Stamp to cut 3D designs into the uncured Chisel dipping powder.
  • Then, use Chisel Top Coat to give the Chisel Color Dipping Powder and beautiful and shiny finish.
  • Last, apply Chisel Activator to cure Chisel Dipping Powder and Chisel Top Coat.
  • Use multiple Chisel Colors and multiple Chisel Stamps to design original stamped nail art that your customers will love.