Cre8tion LED Signs "Foot Massage #1", F#0401, 23020 KK BB

SKU 23020

Quantity: 5pcs/case

  • Extensive size of 12”H x 27.5”L in which letters are bigger and clearer than
  • the standard size (11”H x 27”L).
  • The distance between LED bulbs is 5mm while others are 7mm; This helps
  • the sign more visible even in a very near distance.
  • Heat-proof aluminum frame strengthens the sign and prevents it from
  • bending usually caused by direct sunlight (the tested temperature increases
  • up to 140 F degree).
  • Front face is dull nishing which helps avoid reection of light.
  • Lighter material comparing to others, which lead to cheaper freight/shiping
  • cost
  • UPS Guaranteed Packing: this means we already tested dropping and
  • impacting through UPS System

Shipping:        Less than 10 pcs.: Delivery Charge will be applied. More than 10 pcs.: Free Delivery

Warrantee:    1 Year

We manufacture LED signs. We control the quality. We have warranty.